Wizards Playoff Seeding Scenarios

The final day of the NBA regular season has come.  Although they clinched over two weeks ago, the Wizards playoff seeding remains uncertain. Currently sitting in the 6th seed, the Wizards could potentially jump up the 5th, remain in place, or fall to the 7th seed.

With Indiana and Miami having already locked up the first two spots, I have compiled all the different scenarios that would impact the Wizards seeding.

1)      If the Wizards WIN they automatically clinch no worse than the 6th seed

2)      If Washington loses and the Bobcats win, the Wizards fall to 7th and face the defending champs and a first round exit

3)      If Brooklyn loses and the Wizards win, Washington would leapfrog Brooklyn into the 5th seed

First and foremost, the Wizards have to take of business against the Celtics (who are questionably resting players) before worrying about the following scenarios that would determine their foe if they clinch the 5th or 6th seed.

1)      If Toronto Wins or the Bulls lose they automatically clinch the third seed

2)      Vice Versa, if the Bulls win and Toronto loses the Bulls would secure the 3rd seed

I’d personally like to see the Wizards play Toronto as the 5th or 6th seed. I know that the Raptors took the regular series 3-1, but Chicago has been playing the best basketball as of late. Chicago also has a veteran laden team with multiple players having playoff experience.  As most of us now, the playoffs are completely different breed of basketball. The Raptors, just like the Wizards, find themselves with in the playoffs after a six year drought. Both teams will need at least a game to match the intensity brought forth by an experienced team. Now I’m not saying the Wizards couldn’t defeat the Bulls (because I think they could), but I think the Raptors would be the easier road to the second round. In either scenario the Wizards have to win at Boston because facing the Heat in the first round would be a death sentence.