Dillon Kennedy
Nanticoke Community Alliance
Mission Statement:
Nanticoke Community Alliance’s (NCA) Mission is that we will work to connect government and community stakeholders for the development and implementation of community based support systems and services that lead to the prevention of alcohol and substance* abuse by youth, young adults and families.

Nanticoke Community Alliance’s (NCA) Vision is that we will equip our youth, young adults and families with information and the tools they need to avoid the pitfalls associated with alcohol and substance” abuse.


We will continue to encourage the communities, churches and charges of Hebron, Mardela Springs and Sharptown to join San Domingo’s residents as we continue our efforts to equip underage youth with the facts and knowledge regarding alcohol that they need to empower them to make the choice to avoid its pitfalls. This will empower them to become productive adults and enhance their ability to succeed in life!

Don’t be a Friend Be a Parent:

Simple but powerful statements: All 50 states across the Nation were invited to make a Public Service Announcement (PSA) in an effort to bring attention to the fact that minors, youth under the age of 21, are drinking alcohol and suffering the consequences that occur as a result of taking part in the behavior.


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