What the Texans should do with the first pick in the draft

With the NFL Draft a mere three weeks away, nobody seems to know how this draft will play out. The Houston Texans have been very coy with their intentions on what they plan to do with the first pick in the draft. NFL analysts have been shuffling players in and out of the top spot and there has also has been discussion that the Texans could trade out of this spot. This is a franchise that is not as bad as their 2013 record would indicate and very well could have quick turnaround in 2014. Newly appointed head coach has ties to UCF coach

The choice is simple; O’Brian should select Jadeveon Clowney with the first pick. Clowney has all the intangibles of a hall of fame esq player and can make an impact with from day 1. A team can never have too many pass rushers and the pairing of Clowney with JJ Watt would be a quarterback nightmare. While Clowney’s work ethic has been called into question on numerous occasions, Watt and locker room leader Andre Johnson would light a fire under Clowney forcing him to be great. Clowney’s imposing size and freakish athleticism (he ran a 4.5 40) are so grand that he is drawing comparisons to Hall of Fame great Bruce Smith.

O’Brian is a quarterback guru and has not fallen in love with this crop of signal callers in this year’s class. By taking Clowney, the Texans would boast one of the best defensive lines in all of football.  Derek Carr could also slip to the Texans at pick 33 if they decide they  want to go with a signal caller. 


One thought on “What the Texans should do with the first pick in the draft

  1. I think Clowney is best player in this year’s draft, but I could see the Texans passing on him and going with a QB since they have nothing else right now.

    They are still a talented time who had a bad run last year. I would have preferred seeing them sign a QB during the first part of free agency and then traded Schaub to Oakland–this would have allowed them to pick a QB in their second selection, and grab the most talented guy Clowney with the #1.

    Now I am not sure what they will do.

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