Redskins Name Change

Over the past couple of weeks the Washington Redskins have made headlines that extend beyond their subpar play. The team name “Redskin” has been called into questioned for its supposed racist connotation to Native Americans. Everyone from President Obama to the casual football fan has been weighing on whether or not Redskins owner Dan Snyder should change the team name.  

What seems to gets lost in this discussion is the fact that those who have been the most vocal about changing the name seem to have had no contact or relation with any Native Americans. A recent poll taken by the Washington Post found that 90% of Native Americans are perfectly fine with the term Redskin.

The Redskins franchise is deeply rooted in tradition and fans and players have taken pride in their team for over 80 years. As a diehard fan I would hate to see the name changed because I can’t picture myself rooting for any team but the Redskins. With that being said, I am sympathetic towards those who do find the term offensive and hope that some middle ground can be found. As of today the name stays for better or worse.


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