Redskins Tight End Fred Davis Suspended for Violating League Substance Abuse Policy Yet Again…

Redskins tight end and pending free agent Fred Davis, has been indefinitely suspended for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Davis, who tested positive for marijuana, had already been previously suspended under the same guise, serving a four game suspension in the midst of his breakout 2011 campaign.

It’s hard to believe that following the season in which Davis was suspended, the Redskins franchise tagged Davis believing he would be the tight end of the future. Fast-forward 2 years and an ACL tear later, and the Redskins will undoubtedly be moving on from the once promising prospect.

In addition to his league suspensions, Davis was also sued for dumping a drink on a woman in a Washington D.C. nightclub. It’s hard to believe that a man so naturally talented and financially well off as Davis could fall from grace as hard he did, but so is the nature of professional football in the NFL.

Despite being outlawed under league policy, marijuana use amongst NFL players has been well documented. Former NFL running back Jerome Bettis estimated that seventy five to eighty percent of the league uses marijuana regularly. Steeler’s safety Ryan Clark elaborated on the issue, claiming that “the league is fighting a losing battle because testing is stringent.” Clark claims that there is one random test at the beginning of training camp and no subsequent tests throughout the season.

This begs the question as to how Davis has been suspended twice when the league is so lenient on their drug testing policy. His actions suggest that he clearly doesn’t care enough about his career enough to stop using marijuana. Davis, who turned twenty eight this past January, will likely have to wait until after his suspension to sign with a team. His latest suspension is a footnote to a once promising career.



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