The Future of Kirk Cousins is Anything but Certain

Backup quarterback Kirk Cousins reaffirmed his stance that he is open to being traded this offseason. “Nothing changes from the day I was drafted,” said Cousins a fourth round draft pick in 2011. “There’s no chance to compete, so if I can’t get it in D.C., I’d be open to having that chance somewhere else.”

 Always the professional, Cousins is politely telling the RG3 committed Redskins that he wants the chance to be a starter elsewhere. In a limited sample size Cousins has proved that he is more than capable of being at the helm of a NFL organization.

This unfortunately puts the Redskins in a precarious position. Cousins would undoubtedly be an upgrade to a handful of NFL teams but how much are they willing to give up getting him. With many of the quarterback needy teams in position to draft one in the upcoming draft, the market for Cousins may not exist at this very moment. The Redskins did themselves a disservice shelving RG3 and forcing Kurt to take over a dysfunctional sinking ship. In three games as a starter, Cousins was unable to get a victory and ultimately hurting his overall value through no fault of his own.

It would be foolish of the Redskins to not move Cousins as he is set to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. The Skins are in dire need of draft picks, so trading him before the draft makes sense but it needs to come at the right price. They can ill afford to undersell Kirk with holes encompassing the roster. The Redskins must be patient and wait to see how the draft unfolds. A team may miss out on their prospective pick and will be more than willing to have Kirk takeover. In a clout of mystery one thing is certain, Kirk Cousins will not be on the Washington Redskins roster heading into the 2015 season. 


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