The Return to Relevance: Wallstar

The Washington Wizards find themselves in unfamiliar territory as of late. This season has seen them grow leaps and bounds as they continue to distance themselves from the culture of disgrace that surrounded the Wizards the past 5 years. The most integral part of this seasons turn around has been the superb play of John Wall. The Wizards shocked the masses when they decided to make Wall the cornerstone of the franchise, signing him to a 5 year, 80 million contract extension this past August. 

Wall has silenced his critics in an emphatic fashion, averaging career highs in points, assists, and field goal percentage. Wall claims that his contract demanded that he become the best basketball player he can possibly be and its quite evident he’s put in the work to make that a reality. For the first time in his young career, Wall has a respectable jump shot and is capable of hitting the three. Combining his new found jump shot with his always lethal speed and playing making ability, Wall has become one of the perennial guards in the league and earned prestigious all star honors. 

Under Wall’s leadership the Wizards have regained the playoff form that has eluded them since the Gilbert Arenas era. They eclipsed the elusive .500 mark for the first time in Walls career, and currently hold the 6th playoff seed in the eastern conference. Having been starved of good basketball for half a decade, the nation’s capital has embraced this resurgence with genuine enthusiasm. The Wizards have also changed their public persona, garnering praise from national networks ESPN and TNT. While the Wizards are nowhere need the pinnacle of the NBA, its great to see them striving for greatness on a consistent basis. The future DC basketball hinges on the shoulders of John Wall and the resurgent Washington Wizards. 


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